Wellness Therapy

Krishna Ayurvedic venture offers you a best in a class Wellness Ayurvedic package for your overall well being. After precise inspection of your health condition and analysing the symptoms, you have(if any) we recommend the customised treatment programs for individuals. According to the prescribed programs/treatments, we carry out ayurvedic procedures, under the strict supervision of expert professionals.

Along with wellness programs, we also offer customised beauty treatment, hair care treatment, skin care treatment and the list goes on! Every beauty programme offered here is designed on the Vata, Pita and Kapha principles to bring out your external beauty and to give a feeling of general well being along with charming look.

Ayurvedic Facial

All our therapies and beauty treatments are designed excusively at Krishna Ayur venture, with the best natural ingredients that would benefit you enormously giving you a glowing, pimple free and oil free skin with perfect tone.
The Ayurvedic facials we offer are unique which hydrate, purify, nourish and rejuvenate every skin type giving it a natural glow. This nature based treatment uses dosha balancing organic essential oil blends with aroma therapy benefits to a greater extent.


Abhyanga is one of the most traditional ayurvedic procedure of massage, the words ‘Abhya’ and ‘anga’ originate from ancient Sanskrit language. It is form of Ayurvedic treatment which involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions of the person under treatment.
There are different herbal oils which are prepared and used according to the need, we offer unique abhyanga therapy for Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha. There also therapies which are preferred for all the doshas also. It totally depends on the health condition of the patient who is getting treated.


Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma. It is an amazing, unique therapy from of Ayurveda which has a profound impact on the nervous system. It is procedure in which the herbal oils or medicated liquids are poured in a stream over the receiver’s head for a fixed duration of time, depending on the purpose of carrying out this procedure. Usually oils and duration are decided based on condition of patient or person undergoing procedure.